square meters of fence in Germany

Few details have been released so far about Austria's planned barrier, which is set to run several miles either side of the Spielfeld border crossing, where thousands of migrants have arrived in recent weeks. Refugees wait on the bridge at the Austrian German border between Braunau and Simbach at lake 

The Französisches Gymnasium in Berlin (pictured) has built a 400 ft long barrier costing £52500 because prostitutes were using the school's grounds to relieve themselves.

Nowadays the prison is a square shaped compound covering 8,850 square meters. The area is surrounded by two fences: a 3 meter high outer wall to prevent break ins, and an inner fence to prevent break outs. On each corner is a watch tower. The fences are protected with the latest technology including 

“Shock workers” from East Germany and Russia a seal off the border with barrier of barbed wire and light fencing that eventually became a complex series of wall, fortified fences, gun positions and watchtowers heavily guarded and patrolled. In the end, the Berlin Wall was 96 miles (155 km) long and the average height of 

The family owned company “Aquatherm”, headquartered in Attendorn (GER), is the world market leader for plastic piping systems. Within the framework of the required expansion of their production capacities, a new state of the art pipe manufacturing facility with an area of 15,000 square meters over two 

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The individual cells are called "detention rooms" and give the inmate some 10 square meters to themselves. That's more than the legally prescribed minimum of seven square meters. In 2006, Germany's highest court decided that anything smaller than this would be an infringement on human dignity. Also 

The inner German border was the border between the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany) and the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG, West Germany) from 1949 to 1990. Not including the similar and physically separate Berlin Wall, the border was 1,393 

The film "40 qm Deutschland" ("Forty Square Meters of Germany", 1986) by Tevik Baser, who was born in Turkey in 1951, is a condemnation of existing conditions. The film foregrounds the story of an immigrant, Turna, who is brought by her husband Dursun to Hamburg and locked inside their apartment.

Back in 1989, Kai Wiendenhöfer was a first semester student studying in Cologne, Germany. With each photograph measuring 3 by 9 meters, the exhibition will stretch for 364 meters and take up nearly 1,100 square meters of space on the Berlin Wall, making it a nearly unavoidable art experience for 

GDR guards square off with the West German border police (left) across the barbed wire. MARTIAL .. THROUGH THE FENCE Wherever possible, East Germans take advantage of gaps in the barricades to escape Berlin, a mere four metres lie between the Wall and the facades of West. Berlin buildings.

From there they climb security fencing to get inside the terminal. The Sun (2015). It is a bleak, forbidding place on a windswept plain, surrounded by wire fencing and patrolled by armed guards. Times, Sunday Times (2013). It will be surrounded by more than eight miles of security fencing. Times, Sunday Times (2014).

An early work, Running Fence, simply consisted of a five and a half metre high fence that ran through 40 kilometres of Californian countryside for 14 days in 1976. Yet the unalloyed majesty on the lake waters. 75,000 square metres of yellow fabric are sewn into panels in Lubeck, Germany, February 2016.

A chain link fence separates his yard from the neighbor's. A retired Given the advanced age of the suspects, it is likely that these will be the last legal proceedings in Germany relating to Nazi war crimes. It is now W.: Maybe as big as my entire house, which is 90 square meters (970 square feet). I mean 

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Discover Cologne's Love Locks Bridge in Cologne, Germany: Thousands of tourists and residents in Cologne affix "love padlocks" on the Hohenzollernbrücke Bridge to symbolize their affections.