building a raised deck over a patio

Replacing the concrete deck with wood could have been done in one of two ways: completely demolish the concrete porch and build a 100% wooden one in its place, or use the concrete as a .. The bottom 2" x 4" will be raised off of the floor (just set it up on a scrap piece of the same material to get a good height set up).

Provided the concrete slab is strong enough to bear the weight of the completed deck, I'd pour my own piers on top of the slab. First I'd decide where I need

A raised deck does not create half as many problems, or half as much work, as a raised patio. Decks can curve This project deals with a straight forward raised deck. If you are laying decking over a patio it's a good idea to lay the frame in line with the fall of the patio so water cannot lay up against the timbers. It is vital 

Do NOT attempt to build elevated decking if you are a DIY novice. The advice and information on these pages concerning the constructing of a raised deck, is essentially for those who are fully competent with carpentry tools and construction equipment. Raised decking construction is for an expert.The ideas are simply to 

Small Deck Makeover: Note fabric curtains: Two In One Outdoor Room A walk out patio below the deck offers additional seating in the shade with a dining set and hammock swing. Fabric curtains give the option of creating more privacy or blocking sunlight.

The large raised timber decking patio will be constructed over old patio reaching out over steep bank to give a substantial recreation area for family. Building the raised timber deck will also afford stunning views towards Caterham, and is situated on the North Downs. On steep slopes like this and of course with any other 

This article will explain how to build an elevated deck with common tools, on a budget, in female speak. My husband and I built this ourselves. Mostly it was him but I helped some. Technically, we are still working on it. Remaining work now though is all cosmetic. The functional parts are done. We saved a 

The Best Free Outdoor Deck Plans and Designs. Wood Deck DesignsWood DecksSmall Deck DesignsDeck Design PlansWood PatioSmall DecksPatio StairsPorch DesignsFree Deck Plans. The Best Free Outdoor Deck Plans and Designs: California Redwood Freestanding Deck 

Me: No, it's too… darkish… and… probably a fire hazard… also… it might… fall? On our heads?… We need a CRYSTAL ONE FOR SAFETY. Don't you love our children?! (Still working on the new chandelier.) Along those lines, I thought it might make our ugly ol' patio look prettier to build a new deck on it. I didn't expect it to 

Constructing the deck's frame first and then using the frame as a guide is the simplest way to lay garden decking on uneven concrete. For both ground level and raised garden decks, a frame allows you to measure the height for underlying support beams that will make the deck surface level. Woman 

Currently however, you can purchase them via our online store. Cheers, Steve. Read more. Show less. Reply 4 5. shaneconlan11 year ago. A.J love that Kleva Clip mate. I've been looking for a solution for that exact problem for a while now. I didn't want to ave my joists resting on the concrete so these 

Silca System is a revolutionary grid designed to withstand the weight of stone & pavers on an elevated deck. You'll never have to stain your deck again!

Here are some ways to build a deck over concrete patio by: Editor Rich Bergman Anytime you place wood decking over a raised concrete patio the members which are in constant contact with the concrete are at long term risk of moisture damage. You have described a scenario where the best solution is 

Building a simple timber deck is a reasonably straightforward DIY job. It also tends to be a quicker and more affordable option than investing in hardstanding patio materials, such as flagstones of block paving. This step by step guide reveals the stages involved in building a raised timber deck. Many of the skills you'll learn 

Published on Jun 14, 2017. A partly or fully raised deck can be a great addition to any garden, especially if the ground is sloping or uneven. Learn how to build a raised deck with this step by step guide from our Wickes experts. Subscribe to the Wickes YouTube channel here: For more